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Capitol Photography Group
Capitol Photography Group is a partnership dedicated to the artistic representation of the world, as captured through the lens of a camera. We provide complete photography services including; weddings, special event photography, parties, photo restoration and portrait photography.
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Portrait Photographers
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Operating room photography

Fledgling authors are told to “write what you know” because that’s what is often easiest for people to write about. I believe that the same maxim applies to photography and have for many years been photographing what I know: the operating room (OR).

As a board-certified surgeon in a major Pennsylvania teaching hospital, I have essentially unfettered access to the operating suite where I photograph frequently. My kind of medical photography is more like photojournalism than nature or scenic photography. Grizzly bears, mountains, and flowers are pretty much uncaring when people take their pictures (although occasionally the bears can have a problem with it!). In the operating room, one must be careful of what and whom one photographs. (more…)

Professional Techniques for Black & White Digital Photography

Professional Techniques for Black & White Digital Photography Patrick Rice Amherst Media Pages: 122, some in color $29.95 (Canada $44.95) ISBN # 1-58428-149-9

Monochrome prints remain a favored medium for many PSA printers. Purists have scoffed at black & white photographs that were not printed on archival fiber-based paper, having nothing to do with less expensive resin-coated papers of today. Now that we are in the digital age, these folks question the performance of digital cameras. They don’t believe a digital monochrome print can compare to one produced from a negative after spending hours in a traditional darkroom. You can print the photos as Canvas. Find the best offer from Canvas On Demand. (more…)

Digital Or Film?

For many, digital photography is a breath of fresh air, but be wary – believing our landscape images will be superior could be a serious blunder.

Having lost count of the number of people who have asked me: “have you gone digital?” I am always left wondering why it’s such a much-asked question. The camera is only a tool in which a photographer creates an image. His personal ability to create a unique image remains the same. (more…)

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It has always been free to list your photography website in our directory.  I welcome you if you’re a photographer to list your site.  It’s is absolutely free and we’ll be upgrading the site hopefully soon with new features.  If you have visited this site in the past you will know that we regularly update it and are continuing to grow. (more…)